Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend, my boyfriend BH and I wanted to get out of town, but couldn’t find a hotel.  So, instead we opted to stay local and just enjoy Los Angeles.  Saturday I was thrilled to realize the Greek Festival was going on in Long Beach.  For some reason, I simply can’t miss a Greek Festival.  I’m not sure if it’s the food I love (which I do!) or that it reminds me of my vacation in Greece years ago (which it does!)—but either way I love Greek festivals!  So, we braved the heat and wandered in and amongst the booths selling icons of the Virgin, souvlaki, frappes (which always remind me of Greek island ferry rides) and so many delicious things enveloped in crispy, delicate phyllo dough.  BH and I shared spanakopita,—flaky phyllo pastry filled with spinach, feta and fresh herbs—salty kalamata olives, hunks of crumbly feta cheese, and lots of crisp Greek white wine.  Oh, and don’t forget the desserts!  We were seriously full by the time we left.

Spanakopita, Kalamatas and Feta
Juicy Rotisserie Chicken at the Greek Festival

On Sunday we decided we needed to get out of town and headed for the mountains. Gorgeous lakes and clean pine-scented air was just what we needed!  Instead of heading straight to our destination of Big Bear, we first drove to Lake Arrowhead as I was on a pilgrimage for the gorgeous, heavenly and huge cinnamon rolls found only at Razzbearies Bakery & Café.  These are serious pastries.  I wish I had taken pictures—they are that spectacular.  After picking up the goods, BH and I drove on to the village of Lake Arrowhead to stroll lakeside, window shop and take in the gorgeous day.  I knew I wanted to have lunch further up the mountain in Big Bear, so we drove on to Mountain Munchies—a deli that, as a kid, my family always made sure to stop by.  After a day spent in the hot sun we found a great place for dinner in Twin Peaks—The Grill at Antler’s Inn.  BH loved his pasta bolognese, but since I don’t eat beef I had to take his word for it.  Definitely the best place to eat in the area.  I can’t wait to come back and try more of their menu!  Here are some pics from our dinner:

Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque
My dinner from The Grill--Gorgonzola Pear Pizza
BH's dinner of Pasta Bolognese

Monday was a lazy day.  BH woke with a craving for Charlie’s at the Farmer’s Market, so we went in search of pancakes and fried eggs.  This was my first time at Charlie’s, but the diner-style food was great.  Nothing fancy, but really well done.  The real goal of the day was to find a great patio in which to sit, drink a glass of wine and watch the world go by.  We ended up at The Little Next Door and wiled away the afternoon with nibbles and cold drinks.  Here’s a pic of BH, so happy with his chocolate pot de crème.

Chocolate Pot de Creme at The Little Next Door
Full of Chocolate and Wine at The Little Next Door

This was a decadent weekend, to be sure.  Since we didn’t take an official vacation, BH and I took a vacation from sensible eating.  All things in moderation, right?  Back on track this week.


I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!


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