My Farmers’ Market: The Only Shopping I Actually Enjoy

Woke up a wee bit late today and made it to my farmers’ market just in time to grab what I needed for the week.  The upside to arriving late to a farmers’ market is…lower prices.  The farmers are beginning to pack up and want to get rid of as much produce as possible.  They are looking to make deals!  Sweet!

Inside my market tote: Eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, rainbow chard, carrots, poblano pepper, peaches, apples, mint, spinach, lettuces, whole wheat sourdough bread
The stand at Boujikian Farms

Some winter squashes are beginning to make their appearance, but by all accounts, it’s still summer in southern California.  Lots of heirloom tomatoes, berries, corn and peaches.  Lovely.

Eggplant for Caponata I plan to make later this week

Here’s the link to my favorite Caponata recipe–It’s incredibly easy.  It just takes a bit of time to chop all the veggies.  I love it paired with grilled bread and fresh mozzarella, as it’s done in this Giada recipe.  Perfect!

Here are some more gorgeous pics of the farm stand produce.  Hopefully it will inspire you to create something delicious and healthy this week.

Purple-speckled Dragon Tongue Beans from Weiser Family Farms.
Michael Pollan would approve.  Go eat some greens!

Now go eat your veggies!


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