My Newest Cookbook Obsession: “Earth to Table”

OK, my fridge is practically bursting with fresh vegetables and I’m combing through my cookbooks to find different ways to use all of these goodies.  Tonight I made corn soup from my newest cookbook, Earth to Table:  Seasonal Recipes from an Organic Farm.

This cookbook, which is divided by season, discusses food as something to be enjoyed, but also, something to be eaten in a seasonal and local manner.  The authors/chefs, Jeff Crump (Chez Panisse, The Fat Duck) and Bettina Schormann, have showcased some of their seasonal recipes from the Ancaster Old Mill in Ontario, Canada, where they churn out whole, sustainable food that focuses on sourcing ingredients and products locally and in season, whenever possible.  Words to live by.

Corn Soup with Poblano and Pancetta

Their recipe for corn soup is so simple, just fresh corn cut from the cob, onions, garlic and chicken stock (more or less).  In my own version, I added half of a chopped poblano pepper and  4 oz. of diced pancetta.  But vegetarian or vegan (omitting the pancetta and using veg stock instead) would be equally delicious.  What is most important to the success of this soup is quality of ingredients.  Because there are so few each one needs to be fresh, fresh, fresh and the best quality as possible.

Crispy Pancetta Makes Everything Better

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