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This is a blog that attempts to educate its audience about better eating one bite at a time by choosing to eat foods closest to their natural state.  I’m hoping that through this blog people will begin to examine what they put into their body and make smarter eating decisions.  At the heart of this blog is sustainable eating.  Eating whole, unprocessed food.  I know this might seem a lofty goal, but to me, this is essential and basic information every eater should know.  In truth, I simply want people to eat food.  Real, simple, unprocessed food.

About the Author:

Diving into Humphry Slocombe's "Secret Breakfast". Who doesn't want corn flakes and bourbon in their ice-cream?!

First things first. I am not a purist, nor am I a nutritionist or food scientist.  In fact, I never did well in the sciences.  I am an art historian by profession and an eater by nature.  While growing up, food (especially Cajun and Creole) was at the heart of the dinner table.   At an early age I learned that a good meal was meant to be shared and appreciated, and if necessary, something to strive for.  All family vacations were spent moving from one restaurant to another – asking what was for lunch while still eating breakfast – and possibly seeing some great tourist attractions along the way.  But, that wasn’t the point of the vacation.  The point was to eat yourself through the city, wherever you may be.  To enjoy food and food culture to its fullest.  And always leave the table happy and full.  Wondering where the next good meal will be.

While in college I was lucky enough to live in Rome and it was there that I learned the art of cooking and eating locally and seasonally.  A concept totally foreign to someone used to eating tomatoes and strawberries year-round.  (FYI–both of those fruits are only in season in the hot summer months).  This idea of eating what was ripe and ready to be eaten gave way to a new idea of how to eat.  It required me to eat within parameters by choosing food that looked the best–the ripest, juiciest, freshest–and create recipes around that guiding principle.

As an adult I became more conscious of food systems and how we, as consumers, participate in and contribute (positively or negatively) in that system.  This blog is the culmination of my love of good food, food cultures and attempting to eat sustainably, whenever possible.

Having coffee in my favorite SF cafe

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