Michael Pollan Answers the Most Common Food Questions

What really is the difference between organic and conventional produce/meat/dairy?  Is veganism for me?  Is soy better?  Local and seasonal eating? How to tell if your food is GMO…and so much more. Whatever sustainable food question you’ve posed in your head, chances are Pollan answers it in the latest article from The New York Times. … Continue reading Michael Pollan Answers the Most Common Food Questions

Meatless Monday – Make it a Goal

Over the weekend at the Good Food Festival and Conference in Santa Monica I met Chris Elam, Program Director at Meatless Monday, a nonprofit initiative of the The Monday Campaigns (in partnership with Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health), which strives to help reduce meat consumption by 15% in an effort to help the… Continue reading Meatless Monday – Make it a Goal

At the Farmers’ Market: Figs

Figs. Delicious, honey-ed, sweet figs.  I love them.  I don’t know what it is about these little guys—perhaps it’s because they remind me of Dutch still-life paintings, or Thanksgiving table centerpieces, or the sun-drenched Mediterranean where they grow in abundance.  While I don’t live in the Mediterranean,  I am lucky enough to live in California,… Continue reading At the Farmers’ Market: Figs

Protein Powerhouse: Tuna and Cannellini Bean Salad

After dying in yoga this morning (thank you, Elizabeth!) I was craving protein.  What I really wanted was a tuna salad sandwich, but with all that mayonnaise and added saturated fat I knew I should eat something a bit lighter and healthier.  Something that would feed my body better.  So, I looked in my cupboard… Continue reading Protein Powerhouse: Tuna and Cannellini Bean Salad

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend, my boyfriend BH and I wanted to get out of town, but couldn’t find a hotel.  So, instead we opted to stay local and just enjoy Los Angeles.  Saturday I was thrilled to realize the Greek Festival was going on in Long Beach.  For some reason, I simply can’t miss a… Continue reading Labor Day Weekend

Foodie Revolution?

Yes, I am a foodie.  But isn’t everyone these days?  What makes me think that I have stumbled upon a secret love of food only shared by the select few?  Of course I haven’t.  Years ago, perhaps this idea of a secret foodie club might hold some truth.  Before the advent of Food Network, Ina… Continue reading Foodie Revolution?