Jamie’s Apple and Blackberry Pie

This pie recipe has been sitting on the back shelf for almost a year. Every time I see a pint of blackberries at the farmers market, I’m tempted to dust off this recipe and bake. But, I don’t. Instead, I’m distracted by a shiny new recipe that I have to make, immediately. Like this, this,… Continue reading Jamie’s Apple and Blackberry Pie

Fresh Sweet Corn, Tomato, and Wild Arugula Summer Salad

Eating corn raw, straight from the cob is one of summer’s pleasures. Perfectly sun-sweetened tomatoes are another. Paired together on a bed of peppery wild arugula with fresh basil and doused in a bright red wine vinaigrette and I’d say you’ve got yourself a winner of a summer salad. Naturally sweet without any coaxing from… Continue reading Fresh Sweet Corn, Tomato, and Wild Arugula Summer Salad

My Farmers’ Market: The Only Shopping I Actually Enjoy

Woke up a wee bit late today and made it to my farmers’ market just in time to grab what I needed for the week.  The upside to arriving late to a farmers’ market is…lower prices.  The farmers are beginning to pack up and want to get rid of as much produce as possible.  They… Continue reading My Farmers’ Market: The Only Shopping I Actually Enjoy

At the Farmers’ Market: Figs

Figs. Delicious, honey-ed, sweet figs.  I love them.  I don’t know what it is about these little guys—perhaps it’s because they remind me of Dutch still-life paintings, or Thanksgiving table centerpieces, or the sun-drenched Mediterranean where they grow in abundance.  While I don’t live in the Mediterranean,  I am lucky enough to live in California,… Continue reading At the Farmers’ Market: Figs

Updated Succotash

Over the weekend I couldn’t help myself at the grocery store and bought several ears of fresh white corn.  I haven’t had much of this summer sweetie and now that I’ve bought so much I’ll need to come up with some easy recipes.  Here’s a super-quick recipe for succotash—sans lima beans.  This recipe doesn’t require… Continue reading Updated Succotash

Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend, my boyfriend BH and I wanted to get out of town, but couldn’t find a hotel.  So, instead we opted to stay local and just enjoy Los Angeles.  Saturday I was thrilled to realize the Greek Festival was going on in Long Beach.  For some reason, I simply can’t miss a… Continue reading Labor Day Weekend