Quick and Crunchy Zucchini with Almonds and Red Chili

One to thing to note about this effortless recipe is that BH loved it. I know that means zilch to you, but to me, it was a gold star. You see, BH likes pretty much everything I make, which is great, but he rarely uses exclamation points when describing food. But this recipe, with its… Continue reading Quick and Crunchy Zucchini with Almonds and Red Chili

The Kick-Off! Good Food Festival & Conference

Seriously.  This is exciting.  Well, to me, anyway. The Good Food Festival & Conference kicked-off today at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market.  To anyone who knows about the Wednesday farmers’ market in Santa Monica you know how amazing it is.  To those who have not been lucky enough to visit this gorgeous food market I… Continue reading The Kick-Off! Good Food Festival & Conference

What Exactly is Sustainable Food?

This trendy concept is a bit difficult to define.  Recently The Atlantic  devoted an entire article about the inability to officially define this increasingly popular idea.  But, there does seems to be a broad consensus among experts that sustainable food/eating is a system in which farmer/animal/food/consumer/environment/ are inextricably linked.  One always affects the other.  For… Continue reading What Exactly is Sustainable Food?