I’m Still Here…and a Recipe for Berry Lemon Almond Tea Cakes

First off, let me thank those of you who stuck around and are still reading this blog. It’s been quite a while since my last post with lots happening since then—trips to visit family, new job, birthdays, moved to a new house/neighborhood. The aforementioned new job also came with a daily four-hour commute, which although it pumped… Continue reading I’m Still Here…and a Recipe for Berry Lemon Almond Tea Cakes

My Farmers’ Market: The Only Shopping I Actually Enjoy

Woke up a wee bit late today and made it to my farmers’ market just in time to grab what I needed for the week.  The upside to arriving late to a farmers’ market is…lower prices.  The farmers are beginning to pack up and want to get rid of as much produce as possible.  They… Continue reading My Farmers’ Market: The Only Shopping I Actually Enjoy

At the Farmers’ Market: Figs

Figs. Delicious, honey-ed, sweet figs.  I love them.  I don’t know what it is about these little guys—perhaps it’s because they remind me of Dutch still-life paintings, or Thanksgiving table centerpieces, or the sun-drenched Mediterranean where they grow in abundance.  While I don’t live in the Mediterranean,  I am lucky enough to live in California,… Continue reading At the Farmers’ Market: Figs

Protein Powerhouse: Tuna and Cannellini Bean Salad

After dying in yoga this morning (thank you, Elizabeth!) I was craving protein.  What I really wanted was a tuna salad sandwich, but with all that mayonnaise and added saturated fat I knew I should eat something a bit lighter and healthier.  Something that would feed my body better.  So, I looked in my cupboard… Continue reading Protein Powerhouse: Tuna and Cannellini Bean Salad

What Exactly is Sustainable Food?

This trendy concept is a bit difficult to define.  Recently The Atlantic  devoted an entire article about the inability to officially define this increasingly popular idea.  But, there does seems to be a broad consensus among experts that sustainable food/eating is a system in which farmer/animal/food/consumer/environment/ are inextricably linked.  One always affects the other.  For… Continue reading What Exactly is Sustainable Food?

Foodie Revolution?

Yes, I am a foodie.  But isn’t everyone these days?  What makes me think that I have stumbled upon a secret love of food only shared by the select few?  Of course I haven’t.  Years ago, perhaps this idea of a secret foodie club might hold some truth.  Before the advent of Food Network, Ina… Continue reading Foodie Revolution?